Department of Liberal Arts and ScienceProfessor

Research Keyword

  • Provider role
  • Sexual division of labor
  • Dual-earning
  • Employment
  • Sex discrimination
  • Organizational behavior
  • Clerical track
  • Power
  • Gender
  • Family
  • Work

Field Of Study

  • Humanities & social sciences, Sociology, Sociology
  • Humanities & social sciences, Cultural anthropology and folklore, Cultural Anthropology/Folklore Studies


  • Apr. 2005 - Present
    Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University
  • Oct. 2004 - Mar. 2005
    Lecturer, Department of Letters, University of Tokyo
  • Apr. 2001 - Mar. 2005
    Associate Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University
  • Apr. 1999 - Mar. 2001
    Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Edogawa University
  • Apr. 1996 - Mar. 1999
    Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Edogawa University
  • Oct. 1994 - Mar. 1996
    Lecturer, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
  • Jan. 1990 - Mar. 1990
    Teaching Assistant, Division of Social Sciences, University of Chicago
  • Jan. 1988 - Jan. 1989
    Research Assistant, National Opinion Research Center (NORC), University of Chicago
  • Apr. 1983 - Aug. 1987
    Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company

Educational Background

  • 1995
    University of Chicago, Graduate School, Department of Sociology, Sociology
  • 1983
    Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Language, 英語


  • 家族の変容と家計研究
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  • Employment Continuation Among Female Regular Employees: A New Phase of Dual-earning in Japan
    経済集志, May 2020, Not refereed, Not invited
  • The Slow Decline of the Male-breadwinner Family Model in Contemporary Japan and Its Ramifications for Men's Lives
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  • The Slow Decline of the Male-Breadwinner Family Model in Contemporary Japan and Its Ramifications on Men's Lives
    The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, Sep. 2018, Not refereed, Invited
  • Reintroducing the Life-Cycle Perspective into the Sociology of Life Course
    小笠原 祐子
    研究紀要, Jan. 2014, Not refereed, Not invited
  • Does "Konkatsu" Really Help? An Ethnographic Study of Konkatsu
    Research Bulletin, Apr. 2010, Not refereed, Not invited
  • 性別役割分業意識の多元性と父親による仕事と育児の調整
    小笠原 祐子
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  • De-Gendering Parenthood and Employment: How Middle-Class Japanese Men Accept and Reject Working Norms
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  • Globalization and the Future of Work
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  • Theories of Practice
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  • The Couple as a Unit of Employment Decision-Making
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  • The Sociology of Culture
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  • 組織内の葛藤とジェンダー-国際比較の視点から
    研究紀要, Oct. 2002, Not refereed, Not invited
  • 戦後のアメリカにおける日本研究の変容-文化論と制度論の対立とその超克
    研究紀要, Feb. 2002, Not refereed, Not invited
  • Bourdieu and Volosinov: Critique of 'Objectivist' Approaches to Social Forms
    江戸川大学紀要 情報と社会, 2001, Not refereed, Not invited
  • The History of Popular Culture Debates: Pessimistic and Optimistic Views
    江戸川大学紀要 情報と社会, 2000, Not refereed, Not invited
  • 職場内のジェンダー関係
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    University of Chicago Ph. D. dissertation, 1995, Refereed, Not invited
  • Valentine's Day Gift Giving in Japan
    University of Chicago MA thesis, 1989, Refereed, Not invited


  • Keiko Kubo Dual-Earner Couples and Men's Household Labor
    The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, Jun. 2024, Not refereed, Invited
  • 『<女子マネ>のエスノグラフィー』関めぐみ
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Books and other publications

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Lectures, oral presentations, etc.

  • Perception of gender roles among dual-earner couples
    日本政治学会2017年度研究大会, Sep. 2017, Not invited
  • What is wrong with Abe's "Womanomics"?
    15th European Association for Japanese Studies, Sep. 2017, Not invited
  • What is wrong with Abe's "Womanomics"? An analysis of gender-role perception in contemporary Japan
    2016 IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Jul. 2016, International Political Science Association, Not invited
  • The Crisis of Intimate-Relationship Formation in Contemporary Japan
    2015 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Sep. 2015, American Political Science Association, Not invited
  • Family Formation Crisis in Contemporary Japan
    Third International Family Conference, Nov. 2014, Journalists and Writers Foundation, Not invited
  • Konkatsu (Marriage Hunting): A Postmodern Technology of Marriage Formation in Japan
    International Seminar of the Committee on Family Research, International Sociological Association, Sep. 2012, Family and Population Studies, International Sociological Association, Not invited
  • Women and Family in Japan
    International Woman's Day Panel on Women and Society in Japan and Turkey, Mar. 2012, Fatih University, Turkey, Not invited
  • Families in Japan
    Family Issues in Japan and Turkey, Feb. 2012, The Journalists and Writers Foundation Women's Platform, Turkey, Not invited
  • Making Marriage Happen: Konkatsu (Marriage Hunting) in Contemporary Japan
    Association for Asian Studies, Apr. 2011, Association for Asian Studies, Not invited
  • 育児と労働のDe-gender化―男性の育児遂行―
    日本家族社会学会, Sep. 2007, Not invited
  • The Norm of Overwork and Middle-Class Japanese Men's Involvement in Their Families
    Association for Asian Studies, Mar. 2007, Not invited
  • 労働規範の受容と拒否に関する考察―共働き家庭の夫の事例より―
    日本社会学会, Oct. 2006, Not invited
  • Twin-Career Couples in Japan and Their Reproductive Strategies
    Anthropology of Japan in Japan, Nov. 2004, Not invited
  • 「カップル・キャリア」に関する研究
    組織学会, Oct. 2004, Not invited
  • "Coupled Careers" in Contemporary Japan
    Work, Employment, and Society, Sep. 2004, Not invited
  • Linked Lives, Linked Careers
    Association for Asian Studies, Mar. 2004, Not invited
  • 夫婦の就業のリンクと相互影響についての分析
    日本社会学会, 2003, Not invited
  • 性役割規範/ジェンダー・ステレオタイプ(の揺らぎ)と夫婦単位のキャリア・デザインに関する一考察
    日本社会心理学会, 2002, Not invited
  • 企業におけるOLのインフォーマルパワー
    社会経済システム学会, 1995, Not invited
  • 異文化間の文化変容-バレンタインデーのケーススタディ
    日本社会学会, 1995, Not invited
  • Chocolate Power : The Reconstruction of Valentine's Day in Japan
    American Sociological Association, 1990, Not invited

Affiliated academic society

  • 日本社会学会
  • アメリカ社会学会(American Sociological Association)
  • 組織学会
  • 社会・経済システム学会


  • Interview ...
    1992 - 1992
  • Interview Survey to Japanese "Office Ladies" and "Salaried Men" Concerning Sex Discriminatory Office Environment
    1992 - 1992